The 15th anniversary!The long-established Rental-KIMONO
Shop in Arashiyama & the central city area in Kyoto

Our well-received “Kimono rental & Meal” plan is not available for the moment since our partner restaurant is booked up until Dec.5. Please make a reservation for the date on or after Dec. 6.

  • 着物散策スタンダードプラン
  • 大正ロマンプラン
  • 五条店がオープンしました 団体200人可
  • あかひめ×えびす屋

Rental Kimono Plan for Wemen from 3400yen / for men from 3400yen

The dressing service and all items that you need to wear Kimono are included in rental fee of our plans.


    ここが違う! おすすめポイント




    Long-established shop having 4 stores in Kyoto

    Speaking of Kimono rental in Kyoto, it’s a long-established shop 'Akahime'!
    Akahime celebrates 15th anniversary from the opening of the main shop! It is an excellent shop making many customers smile with many achievements!

    Easy access to Arashiyama and to the central city area of Kyoto city

    The locations of 4 shops of Akahime are not only easy access to Arashiyama and to the central city area but also easy to go to any sightseeing spot!

    The largest rank in Kyoto! We have 1000 Kimonos!

    Cute pattern, retro pattern, chic pattern, what kind of kimono do you like? The largest number of rental kimono in Kyoto! You can select a kimono from 1000 Kimonos

    Hair set service with free to choose the hair accessories You can choose handmade hair accessories as many as you like!

    Benefit for only Akahime’s customer! Hair ornaments of seasonal flowers and handmade “Tumami-Kanzashi” ect., you can wear them as many as you like.


    Reservation on the day is available

    Akahime is also popular among group customers. An additional charge isn’t demanded even on reservation on the day. As we have a system that can accommodate a large number of people, we accept it even on the day's reservation! Note) Reservation and change on the day will be accepted only by phone.


    Rental Kimono 'Akahime' in Kyoto Arashiyama also accepts rental kimono for groups of 10 people or more.
    If you are considering rental kimono for various groups such as school trips, employee trips, group trips etc., please do not hesitate to consult us from the button above (Inquiry Form).


    All shops are very convenient for Arashiyama sightseeing

    Arashiyama Main Shop

    3-56 Sagatenryuji-susukinocho Ukyo-ku Kyoto



    JR Saga Arashiyama Shop

    1 Sagatenryuji-kurumamichicho Ukyo-ku Kyoto



    Kiyomizu-Gojo shop is a very convenient location for sightseeing to the central city area of Kyoto

    Kiyomizu-Gojo Shop

    Takarajima Building 361-1 Shiogamacho Shimogyo-ku Kyoto